Microsoft Outlook 2010 Setup Guidelines

Please follow the instructions below to setup Microsoft Outlook to retrieve mails using POP3:

  1. Click on \”Start\”.
  2. Go to \”Settings\” Tab.
  3. Click on \”Control Panel\” to launch it.
  4. View all icons by selecting Large icons from view by.
  5. Double click on \”Mail\” from the list.
  6. A pop up will appear, click on Show \”Profiles\”.
  7. After you click on Show Profiles you will get new window.
  8. Click on \”Add\” to add a new Profile.
  9. Give the profile a Name and click on “ok”, for example John for John Doe.
  10. Now you will get new window with three options, please select “Manually configure server setting or additional server types” and click on “Next”.
  11. Now, Select Internet E-mail option and click “Next.”
  12. Fill the user Information
    • Name tab: Type in your full name.
    • Email: Type in your exact email address
    • Incoming mail server:
    • Outgoing mail server:
    • Username: Your email address is your username.
      Note: The naming convention is your first initial last name or the one chosen by you and setup by Tarika Group. For example, [email protected] for John Doe.
    • Password: Your password will be sent in a personalized email to you.
  13. Click on the “MORE SETTINGS TAB”.
  14. In General Tab type the “Organization name” and “Reply E-mail”.
  15. In Outgoing Server Tab check on \”My Outgoing server Requires Authentication”
  16. Go to Advance Tab and change the port number of “Outgoing server” to 26.
  17. Click on \”OK\” to accept the settings.
  18. You will be back at your original window, click on \”Next\”.
  19. You will see that outlook will automatically do test of account settings.
  20. When it will complete successfully then it means your outlook has been setup with your domain connections.
  21. Then click on close to close this window.
  22. Click on \”FINISH\” to finish.
  23. Note: Step for configuring Outlook in Window 7, Vista and XP are same.