We weave in the diverse old and new systems for a unified one, to maximize the potential and power of technology for optimized business process flow.
We Sync Silos for Optimal Potential
In rapidly changing technology environment, the companies have been adopting new technologies, to stay competitive. But they end up creating a pile of silo systems that hampers their business processes, taking a toll at efficiency. To be able to carry smooth functioning, it becomes important for companies to get these silos in sync with each other. The silos need to be connected for better efficiency, which is achieved by perfectly integrating them.
Tarika Tech is one of the established system integrators in Ghana, that assists organizations to scale growth right from their technology stacks. To integrate their processes, we first coordinate with our clients to understand about their business goals and requirements, and thereby, propose a system architecture plan or layout, after the approval of which, we start the integration process. We establish a synchronization between the silo systems for coherent work-flow.
We Collaborate Processes for Exceptional Outcomes

Increased Process Potential

Visible Results

Increased Productivity

Complete Data Analysis

Better Maintenance

Enhanced User Experience

Strategy Planning

Improved System Security

We have a rich experience of integrating processes!
We Integrate & Inspire
We design enterprise architecture, by integrating new systems with already existing ones, and establish a unified system for coherent business processes, for operational efficiency. We take pride in reflecting our experience with the expertise we integrate the systems with. While collaborating these diverse systems, we make sure not to leave any infrastructural gaps so that a strong performance-oriented system is set up. By implementing a pragmatic approach, we offer comprehensive integration services starting from consultation, understanding the requirements, to the creation of integrated solutions, and their deployment. The integrated system aims at providing a suitable environment for seamless operations with visible results.
Overcoming Challenges for Absolute Connectivity
We overcome various challenges encountered during our system integration process, by building smart strategies. Our software integration experts are capable of handling these hurdles that come in the way right from creating architecture design to testing and deployment. We hold expertise in Data Integration Services, Enterprise Application Integrations, API Integration Services and Service Oriented Architecture. We integrate platforms that cover content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and more.
To facilitate seamless process flow between various business platforms, Tarika Tech, the leading Integration service provider in Ghana follows best practices while integrating the data, systems, and applications.
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